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The Different Types of Ghosts (with Pictures)

Did you know that there are many different types of ghosts? Most people don’t! Even in the phantom world there is no “one size fits all.”  Below are the various types of ghost and some information and pictures about each one.  

The Interactive Personality Ghost

The Interactive Personality Ghosts are the most common in hauntings and usually appear in a form similar to when they were alive. These ghosts can walk, talk, and occasionally acknowledge the living.

The Funnel Ghost

Funnel Ghosts are typically spotted in old buildings or historic places. Many times Funnel Ghosts show up in photographs and will leave a person feeling unsettled after seeing the unknown phantom captured in the photograph.

Mist / Fog / Wisp Ghosts

Like Funnel Ghosts, these phantoms tend to leave the spot or area they are haunting feeling cold when they appear. They can haunt old houses, be seen outside in the evening or at night, or just about anywhere.

The Poltergeist

The most famous type of ghost, as well as the rarest, the Poltergeist is always the most owrrying. Translated from German as “noisy ghost,” this gouls is known for malevolent, or sometimes even dangerous behavior.

Ghost Orbs

Orbs are the most photographed specters of all. Orbs typically appear as blue, white, or shiny spheres. True orbs almost always move in a fanciful veeing or crisscross way. Paranormal experts beleive orbs are the souls of people, or maybe even animals, traveling from one place to another.

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The 5 Different types of ghosts
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